Hadrian’s Wall Tour

Tour of Hadrian’s Wall

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Our Hadrian’s Wall tour leaves Newcastle and heads into Northumberland to begin your visit to the only Roman World Heritage Site in the UK, Hadrian’s Wall.

Nearly 2000 years ago in 122 AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian embarked on a huge undertaking: to mark the northernmost boundary of Roman Britain with what has become known today as Hadrian’s Wall.

Parts of Hadrian’s Wall are still visible today; the line of it stretching from Wallsend in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in the west, and the fortifications continuing down the west coast to Ravenglass.


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Vindolanda is a fascinating Roman fort and settlement lying just to the south of Hadrian’s Wall and it makes a perfect destination for our second stop.

Recent excavations have uncovered numerous buildings and some of the most unusual and well preserved artifacts from the Roman world. In the superb site museum, set in charming gardens, you will be able see Roman boots, shoes, armour, jewellery and coins.

Vindolanda Fort also boasts a full size replica of Hadrian’s Wall in both stone and timber, giving visitors a true idea of the impressive might of the monument.


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Our third stop on the Hadrian’s Wall tour takes us to one of Rome’s most northerly outposts, Housesteads Roman Fort. Housesteads Roman Fort was built around AD 122 when the Roman Empire was at its height. It remains one of Britain’s most impressive ruins.

Housesteads Roman Fort was one of sixteen permanent bases along Hadrian’s Wall. It is one of the best-preserved and still manages to conjure an evocative picture of Roman military life.

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